Best Hosing Service For Online Store – Siteground Coupon Included

10 Best E-commerce Hosting – With SiteGround Coupons

Nowadays, the internet is getting more useful and convenient for us, especially those who are entitled to their own businesses. E-commerce, for example. It is the best way if an individual is trapped guarding his own house; this program might come in handy just for what he feels he needs to have without going out. With the internet and other computer networks collaborating with Ecommerce, the lives of both the consumers and business people have never been easy.

What does Ecommerce have, you might ask? To begin with, Ecommerce has four (4) types.

Business to Business or the B2B Ecommerce

One is Business to Business or also known as the B2B Ecommerce. This goes on between business people only. This aims the progression of a company’s sales efforts. It is done technically via an online portal by selling goods and services.

Business to Consumer or the B2C Ecommerce

The second type of Ecommerce is the Business to Consumer or the B2C Ecommerce. This is getting very popular today, especially because of natural occurrences such as calamities, pandemics, and many other types of it. The business to consumer Ecommerce is done by selling products and services directly to consumers. This is typically adjusted to online businessmen or retailers who make sales to consumers through the internet – A very convenient way to both parties. This gives a much lesser effort of having a consumer’s way to wait in line for paying of the goods he or she has availed. And this is a better way of dealing with the customers for the business people because they are able to talk directly to the customer with a given time and schedule.

Unlike shopping physically, you will still have to worry about waiting in line for payment plus the time you should be spending to some other things that might be compensated. Also, for online business people, they don’t have to stand all day cashiering and selling for their customers. They have the freedom to do some other things while selling online, hence multitasking. Plus, they are also able to transact customer after customer just like what they normally do by dealing in person. So needless to say, it is pretty much convenient to both parties.

Consumer to Business Ecommerce or the C2B Ecommerce

Next in line is the Consumer to Business Ecommerce or C2B Ecommerce. The process is inverted as to when a consumer gives out a review or sends feedback about a product or any service. That specific consumer is then creating a value for the business. That is if the business adopts the input. There is also another type of the C2B, which is called the electronic commerce business model, wherein customers become more participative by offering links to online businesses, thereby facilitating the purchase of the product or service. With this, the customer might gain revenue if the sale becomes successful.

Consumer to Consumer Ecommerce or the C2C Ecommerce

The last type of Ecommerce is the Consumer to Consumer Ecommerce or the C2C. This is done by a customer selling goods and services directly to another customer. Typically, an Ecommerce business always has middleman to facilitate transactions such as making the deal to both parties, the businessman and the customer. The C2C type does not require a middleman for the transaction to be successful. All of these need a third party site from the internet to have the selling going, often referred to as the marketplace. When one posts online an item, any goods or services they might offer, it is up for the buyers to decide to take or leave. This is also a much better place for the buyers because they will be able to purchase potentially the goods at a competitive price.

There are numbers of Ecommerce hosting online, and here are 10 of them:

  1. – with a starting price of $6.99 (You can use Siteground Coupon Code to save money), SiteGround offers a 24/7 support from their own Ecommerce experts. Giving their subscribers the satisfaction and guarantee of having only the best. 30 Days money-back guarantee awaits you! Don’t like Siteground? try hostgator coupon for best alternative.

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  1. – If you’re a customer and you’re looking for a versatile web hosting service, Wix may just be the one you’re looking for. Not only do they offer subscription-based applications, but they also offer free applications. You may combine third party applications into your own website such as music playlists, blogging, e-mail marketing, among other else. With a starting price of $20.00, you will enjoy all of its benefits or your money back!

Rating: 4.9/5.0

  1. – Free unlimited storage and bandwidth, Free domain, e-mail, and online store, plus blog and photo gallery set up wizards are all in here! For a reasonable starting price of $1.99, it also comes with an unlimited disk space! Money-back guarantee? Say no more. You’re given 30 days trial when you subscribe.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

  1. – A2Hosting understands the need for speed of page load and sales; that’s why they made it possible! Their features are as follows: Sales boost, supports more than a hundred software, DDoS protection and layered security measures, 24/7 support, and many more! A2 hosting price is high so use paypal money adder for it.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

  1. – a web host that operates 24/7 with an impressive stable network connection may just be what you need. When looking for an ecommerce hosting, it is important to determine which will meet your expectations. Motocms has an intuitive dashboard for managing orders and products. It has unlimited products with built in searches and filters. With a starting price of $2.95, you can enjoy all the perks and benefits that await you!

Rating: 4.8/5.0

  1. – a business class hardware with SSH access, InMotion Hosting can deliver results and easily installs CMSs, shopping carts, and apps. It is also spam-safe and supports IMAP!

Rating: 4.8/5.0

  1. – what makes Volution different from the other web hosting is that it gives discounts on marketing, newsletter, and more. It is also of free payment, free shipping, and free inventory. Volution is a customer-friendly web hosting, and you might want to give it a try!

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  1. – Bluehost renders an impressive service with the following features: unlimited storage with free marketing credits, free scripts for forums, mailing lists, and polls, plus it offers 3 webmail solutions with IMAP/POP3 Support. Love it go to bluehost coupon for best offers.

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  1. – FatCow is for a low budget web hosting but also delivers impressive services. They offer everything you need to launch a website. And it’ll cost you little. If you’re down for it, give FatCow a try! Nore discounts are here Bluehost black friday deals & Wpx hosting black friday deals.

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  • – JustHost is no different from other web hosting services. It is one of the most trusted, and it will give you your web hosting necessities at an affordable price. Justhost price is little bit higher try on Hostgator black friday sale & Cloudways black friday deals.

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